Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fashion Show: Islamic Book Fair

This is the second chance of Cuba Klik Shop for joining a fashion show. The designer chose "Holiday Style" as the theme. Why? Because designer wants to give some styles inspiration in holiday season. All materials for this edition is simple and mostly made from cotton and spandex.

 Model 1
Name : Indah
Outfits: Peacock Pattern Top - Jersey Dress Shocking Pink - 
Relief Shawl Light Grey 
Make Up : Wardah
Accessories : Flow's Flowery
Hijab Stylist : Annisa Aga
 Model 2
Outfits: Buttony Batwing Top Peach - Sherry Pants Red -
Pasmina Chiffon Bludru Butterfly Peach
Make Up : Wardah
Accessories : Flow's Flowery
Hijab Stylist : Annisa Aga
Model 3
Name :  Nabila
Outfits: Rhombuz Zipper Top Baby Pink and Blue - Ballony Skirt Purple -
Circle Shawl Pink
Make Up : Wardah
Accessories : Flow's Flowery and Cuba Klik Shop (hat)
Hijab Stylist : Annisa Aga

 Model 4
Name :  Annisa Senova
Outfits: Pumpkin Top Red - Jasmine Pants Turquoise - 
Drifting Shawl Turquoise
Make Up : Wardah
Accessories : Flow's Flowery
Hijab Stylist : Annisa Aga

 Model 5
Name :  Syifa
Outfits: Peacock Button Top Light Yellow - Jersey Dress Orange -
Pasmina Katun Belanda Peach Flower
Make Up : Wardah
Accessories : Flow's Flowery
Hijab Stylist : Annisa Aga


 Event : Islamic Book Fair
Date : May 13th, 2012
Place : Landmark Braga Bandung
Photographers : 
- Shorizky Photograph by Rizky Indrawan
- Pixel Photoworks by Terry Febrianto
- Ishadow Photograph by Iza

Thanks to Allah SWT, My mother, My Father, Models, Team in Magnetic Island Boutique, Hijabers Community Bandung, Wardah Cosmetics, Flow's Flowery, and All Audience

See You in our Third Fashion Show

Fashion Show : Magnetic Island Boutique

Fashion ini kesempatan pertama Cuba Klik Shop mengikuti fashion show sekaligus launching Magnetic Island Boutique tanggal 14 Januari lalu. Butik ini butik pertama Cuba Klik Shop setelah 2,5 tahun hanya berjualan online.

Sebenernya event ini udah lama banget ya tapi baru bisa di share sekarang karena dokumentasi berupa foto yang gagal diabadikan karena (human error). :(

owner Cuba Klik Shop with models

Model 1
Name: Devyana
Outfits: Buttony Dress Purple (BEST SELLER) - Zipper Coarse Top Red -
Drifting Shawl Red (BEST SELLER)
Shoes: Prugna

Model 2
Name : Meirani
Outfits: Drifting Vest Mustard (BEST SELLER) - Jersey Dress Turquoise -
Relief Shawl Turquoise
Shoes: Prugna

Model 3
Name: Siti
Outfits: Spotty Overall Black Flower (BEST SELLER) -
Perforate Top Pink (BEST SELLER) - Circle Shawl Pink (BEST SELLER)
Shoes : DNC Shoes

Owner Cuba klik Shop Annisa Aga

Date : January 14th, 2012
Place : Magnetic Island Boutique
Jl. Citarum No. 31 Bandung
- Ahmad Chandra
Make Up : Wardah
Accessories : Flow's Flowery
- Prugna Shoes

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Upcoming Event : Hijab Fest 2012

more info:
at 10am - 9 pm
or you may follow @cubaklikshop

Hijab Turorial : 3 Styles of Circle Shawl

Circle Shawl (Round Shawl)
material : cotton
price : 75.000
for order : text 085720065464 or via BBM (pin by request)
or visit
Magnetic Island Boutique
(Jl. Citarum no. 31 Bandung)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

British Hat Accessories

British Hat Diamond Gold Rp 35.000

British Hat Rainbow Rp 35.000

British Hat Peacock Rp 35.000

Peacock Accessories

Peacock Flower Rp 30.000

Peacock Ribbon Rp 30.000
For order
text 085720065464
twitter : @cubaklikshop
pin BB by request

Ribbon Accessories

Ribbon Netly Flower  Rp 35.000

Ribbon Diamond Rp 25.000

Ribbon Leopard Rp 30.000
For order :
text 085720065464
twitter : @cubaklikshop

Flower Brooch

flower pattern brooch - Rp 20.000

Flower Plain and Pattern Brooch (green - pattern purple - pattern orange - peach) Rp 20.000
Netly Flower Brooch Rp 30.000 (red -yellow - green - blue)

These Brooch only for online shop
For order :
text 085720065464
twitter : @cubaklikshop